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Savalan Solutions are local carpenters in the North West London area with a real flair for joinery. With a strong background in furniture carpentry, we specialise in making cabinets and side boards to exact specification. As a carpenter company we stand out considerably as it’s nowadays quite a rare in-house skill to have among the portfolio of most house renovation experts. Bespoke carpentry is an excellent find if you can locate someone who will accurately and economically realise the style perspective you have and create storage from unused space. Our carpentry range vary from living room storage cabinets, kitchen cabinets, children’s room wardrobes and walk-in wardrobes fit with the size of your room. 

Our carpenter services are by no means cheap, but they are reckoned affordable by our customers some of which are repeat customers who were thoroughly delighted by the results on the first time working with us. 

Call/text/whatsapp: 07767 063436 for a FREE viewing and quote