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Savalan Solutions offer local, expert handyman services to North West London homeowners and property developers alike. Although, wide variety of skills are available, one thing for sure is not variable and that is the quality in the final product. From experience, local handymen can be quite a heterogenous mix, with pricing and types of tasks tackled differing wildly from one to another, but Savalan Solutions is reckoned by our customers to be the most consistent and competitive.

If you are finding it hard to identify a reliable handyman in your neighbourhood with transparent prices and rates, then why not call us today for a FREE consultation by phone, feel free to ask us any question and we will do our best to give you straight answers without jargon. Hiring a handyman can be quite an unwieldy process, and often call out charges can make a smallish job quite prohibitive, we, unlike such firms are clear and fair in our pricing.

A home handyman in London who can do everything from flat pack assembly to bespoke joinery is quite a valuable resource to have in the address book, Savalan Solutions meets this description exactly. With excellence as an electrical handyman as well as with general tasks, we have an in-house team whose mastery of the associated disciplines of the trade is exceptional. It’s not often you come across a highly recommended handyman, but Savalan Solutions are a rare find as our customers would agree. Our reputation comes with a sound knowledge base of competitive suppliers and materials to reduce the cost of your projects. Our efficiency in dealing with maintenance measures makes our handyman repair service one of the best in North West London.

Consummate professional handymen services are on offer to you whether you are a property professional or homeowner. We work to great effect under the supervision of interior designers and architects and have a stunning range of portfolio photos to show for our efforts.

Bespoke joinery is our specialty, and thus Savalan Solutions is well known in the local territory as very a adept handyman carpenter. Charges and hourly rates quoted are simple and easily understood without the confusing technical, long winded explanations.

24 hour emergency handyman services are always delivered with precision and due care, fill in the form to the right of this page requesting a pricelist in case of the eventuality of needing us in the future. I’m sure you’ll consider us to be affordable by most standards although by no means the cheapest because we care about our results and reputation, not to mention your satisfaction so we are realistic with our number crunching.

Commercial handyman services are also a staple menu option with us, with competitive average hourly charges depending upon the type of task undertaken. I’m sure you’ll appreciate gas safe plumbing is costed quite differently to painting and decorating for example. As handyman contractors we can be called out at reasonably competitive rates and with little notice to sort out your internal decorative, pluming or heating issues.