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Kitchen Fitter | Belsize Park | NW3

If you are looking for a premium kitchen fitter in Belsize Park NW3 – choose Savalan Solutions who are on hand to deliver precision and style in realising your ideal kitchen for you, on time and on budget.

A closer look at Belsize Park, NW3

Located in North West London, Belsize Park forms a prestigious enclave of some of the most appealing London real estate, which is home to many notable residents.

The communal highlights of Haverstock Hill are home to many a public meeting, greeting and eating place for local residents. Local architecture includes various art deco blocks and white ‘Kensington’ Stucco fronted buildings dating back in origin to the mid 19th Century. The residents in Belsize Park Gardens are only a stone throw away from Hampstead Heath and Primrose Hill, local amenities include interior design studios and suppliers of England’s Lane.

Kitchen Installation | Belsize Park | NW3

Kitchen installation is a work of real precision. We can create bespoke kitchen spaces for your family home to accommodate all of the necessary functions required. Whether your kitchen is to be used strictly as a food preparation area or, a hybrid diner for hosting guests and small intimate family/friendly functions, we can assist in the design and implementation of an ideal kitchen layout complete with bespoke fixtures and fittings, including: cabinets, worktops, sinks, flooring, tiling and lighting…

Kitchen Refurbishment | Belsize Park | NW3

If you want to replace your current kitchen which is no longer fit for purpose, then we are able to provide you with a premium quality kitchen refurbishment for your Belsize Park, NW3 property. We firstly offer a FREE site visit to assess the necessary work, followed by a proposal for achieving your desired kitchen, complete with itemised quotation. We will of course uproot and dispose of all existing units etc, the cost for this is reflected within our comprehensive job quote.

What you didn’t know about…Mosaic Backsplash!


Mosaic backsplash for kitchen refurbishment in Belsize Park

Mosaic tiles aim to recreate the appearance of the ancient mosaics utilising individual tile sizes of 2cm or smaller. Of course to mount such tiles would require a great deal of time for even a modest sized kitchen surface area and so these tiles are manufactured, pre-positioned on a mesh backing to allow larger areas of tiling be mounted at a time. Mosaic tiles are also great because visually diverse patterns can be created without setting the individual tiles which saves time and expense.

Mosaic backsplashes can create an impressive finish in your kitchen renovation and lends itself to a wide variety of materials that can be set for maximum effect. Stones, metal, glass and mirror mosaic tile backsplashes are a key trend in the most modern kitchen renovations.  These materials also can be selected to complement your worktops shelving and other fittings.

A carefully considered mosaic backsplash as part of your kitchen design can be used to a create a dramatically contrasting area in your kitchen space. A further custom enhancement to mosaic tiling is the use of coloured grouting for a seamless presentation. Quality installation is essential as the utility of the kitchen space means that your mosaic backsplash will need to be resilient against heat, water and cleaning agents.

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