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Tile Fitter | Belsize Park | NW3

If you are looking for an experienced tile fitter in Belsize Park NW3 – Savalan Solutions are the ideal mix of style and precision for creating either floor or wall tiled masterpiece.

A closer look at Belsize Park, NW3

Located in North West London, Belsize Park is a North West London hideaway for the rich and famous who have clustered around themselves a protected neighbourhood of sorts with closed segments like Steele’s Village providing the highly selective commercial highlights. Primrose Hill Park is an exceptionally manicured urban greenspace for the local residents as well as those who travel from afar to sample the now famous public spot.

Mansion stretches like Belsize Park Gardens are famous for their white ‘Kensington’ style stucco fronted buildings. Throughout the locality mid-19th century residential architecture is prevalent, mixed in with Art Deco blocks aimed at young professional home owners. Haverstock Hill is where you’ll find many restaurants and deli’s seeking to attract passers-by with their premium delicacies.

Tile Fitting | Belsize Park | NW3

Tile fitting in Belsize Park NW3, is a much needed skill in line with the sheer volume of bathroom and kitchen refurbishments and renovations which occur. Finding a tile fitter who can source the most attractive tiles for either floor or wall, plus plan and implement the design to your bespoke instruction is a rare commodity of sorts on the building contractor market. Savalan Solutions are experts in ensuring the desired results are achieved consistently.

Tiler | Belsize Park | NW3

If you seek a tiler in Belsize Park, NW3 then look no further. No matter how intricate the job, mosaic tiles included, we will not disappoint in delivering the final product which will always be a seamlessly integrated tiled area, adding stylistic appeal to the feel of the room for the benefit of those who use it.

What you didn’t know about…Custom Mosaic Backsplash!


Custom Mosaic backsplash for kitchen refurbishment in Belsize Park NW3

If you are undertaking a truly customised kitchen remodelling with attention to even the smallest details why not create a dramatic space with a custom mosaic backsplash? This kitchen design trend has made great gains in popularity in recent years and the choice of material, colour schemes and effects created are expansive. Metals, wood, tile and glass can be used to create a tiled pattern or mural to your exacting specifications and designs range from your selection of a specific tiling pattern which can then be manufactured to an expansive mural created in fused glass as an artistic kitchen centrepiece of its own.

Classic ceramic and glass custom mosaic backsplashes allow you to experiment with shape layout and colour to create a unique and impactful design. Materials such as stone and metal can also be integrated for even more combinations of design. Some homeowners even go further with the personalised touch integrating broken plates and crockery or vintage tiles for an authentic hand-crafted mosaic.

Of course installation, finishing and maintenance is critical to truly achieving the custom mosaic backsplash deisgn you desire. Care must be taken over absorption of the tile material and acid sensitivity. An expert tiling installation contractor like Savalan Solutions will not only prepare your wall space and install your tile to your exacting specifications but also diligently seal your tiling with the best quality materials. Ensure that your household also commits to maintenance and resealing of your tiling over time for maximum longevity.



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