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Savalan Solutions is a reputable renovation contractor company operating in Muswell Hill N10 where we can provide skilled tilers to complete tiling work of any kind you require. Our tilers have expertise in a wide range of tiling techniques and can also undertake maintenance and refurbishment of tiling and restoration of cracked tiles.


Muswell Hill Featured Article:  Victorian Tiling

Sound tiling was an important and decorative features of the Victorian properties that array North London. Victorian tiling was designed from good quality materials and built to withstand the wear and tear of an active middle-class household. Because of this, this key period feature can be seen in many Victorian properties today, though the passing years have meant that tastes and time have obscured these features.

There is however, a current resurgence in the appeal of good quality tiling as a period property feature and so many property owners are seeking the restoration or recreation of Victorian wall and floor tiles in their properties.

One of the key types of Victorian tiling  are encaustic tiles which became popular in the 1860s. The acceleration of manufacturing meant that many households could enjoy flooring with encaustic tiles made with distinctive patterns baked on for a long-lasting finish. Typical Victorian tiled designs array encaustic tiles with robust plain tiles in with a relatively basic palette of red, green, back, cream and white. Original laid on wet screed with lime pugging, these bold designs are now being lovingly restored in homes who want to add period features to their interior design.

Other areas where Victorian tiling can be seen include kitchen and bathroom tiling and fireplaces where ornate glazed tiles (often of great value) are arranged for maximal decorative effect.