Muswell Hill N10 Whole House Renovation

Muswell Hill N10 Whole House Renovation

Savalan Solutions offers a structured and systematic approach to overhauling your North London property


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Creating the ideal living space when you have found the ideal property is not always easy. Indeed with the London property market being so value and location focused, one can forget about the features of the actual property amidst the frenzy of negotiating and securing your sale. Most new and even veteran London property owners, will find themselves in their new home or investment and immediately aspire to create the ideal London space. Often older and more dilapidated properties appear a blank canvas for the keen property renovator, but even where pre-sale refurbishments have been undertaken you may still desire to get your Muswell Hill N10 home just so.

Especially in Muswell Hill N10, interior designers abound, but for most properties a sound whole house renovation contractor like Savalan Solutions are a worthy investment in creating a structurally sound renovation with a durable and high quality finish. Undertaking a whole house renovation may seem daunting but Savalan Solutions are adept at working with both private owners, property developers and interior designers to achieve workmanship that meets the exacting specifications of the client.

Whole House renovation is not a minor undertaking, and is not limited to a lick of paint in each room but is rather a major investment to conform a property to the desires and expectations of its owner for long term comfort and enjoyment. If you are considering undertaking a whole house renovation in Muswell Hill N10, the scale and extent of works may seem daunting but with a systematic approach and a diligent team such as Savalan Solutions at hand, works can progress successfully and in a timely manner.


Back to Basics for your Muswell Hill N10 property renovation…


All major works on your home are really underpinned by a sound understanding of the structural integrity of your property. It is best to minimise ambition if it  exceeds the ability of the property to withstand the works. Mistakes or overestimations are costly and will most likely fall foul of building regulations so be sure that you understand the capabilities of your property. An appraisal by a structural engineer or chartered surveyor is worthwhile in setting realistic expectations.

If you can move out of the property while your whole house renovation is taking place, move out. This depressurises the works, allowing you builders to work for longer without being disruptive to home life and also the temptation to undertake works in the wrong order leading to spiralling costs from remedial work. For any British Property owner check, check and check again for damp. There is no need for great plastering and decor to be undone because action was not taken to remedy rising damp. As quality Muswell Hill N10 building contractors we at Savalan Solutions will always direct our client to ensure that structural issues in the property are fixed first.

Also see if insulation has been attended to, there may be grants available to off-set the expense. Ensure that any loft extensions, house extensions or major structural changes have the appropriate permissions. It is always good to have these in hand or at least have an idea of feasibility during the sale of a property – also check for Party Wall issues.


We  provide a systematic approach to your Muswell Hill N10 whole house renovation

39Once you know that all aspects of your whole house renovation can get underway, your whole house property renovation contractors should be on hand to move in and start work. Patience and systematic approach will mean each stage of works are preserved and allowed to wholly dry out/ set for the best quality finish. A suggested order of works following majoir building work such as extensions includes, first fitting doors and windows to be weather tight, remedial work to the exterior of the building including guttering and downpipes, a first fix addressing internal areas, walls, ceilings etc and rewiring. Plastering of walls and preparation of floors. A pause for the building to dry out after which fixed flooring and a second fix of skirtings, internal doors, architraves and more can be addressed before the final decorating and aesthetic tiling and flooring is installed. Savalan Solutions will always ensure a thorough clean up before you move back in.


If you are looking to undertake a Whole House Renovation in Muswell Hill N10 or any other part of North London, Savalan Solutions provide a reliable and comprehensive service. Call us today on 0203 095 2818 to arrange a complementary site visit and quote.



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